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It's Easter for pets!

Choosing a thoughtful and safe gift for your pet for Easter is a great idea! Here are some suggestions based on the type of pet you have:

  1. Dogs:

    • Easter-themed dog treats or biscuits.
    • A new chew toy or a durable Easter-themed squeaky toy.
    • A cozy pet bed or blanket.
  2. Cats:

    • Catnip-filled Easter toys or plushies.
    • Interactive toys, such as feather wands or laser pointers.
    • A comfortable cat bed or a cozy blanket.

By the way Winnie the rescue dog is regaining her energy and continuing her slow recovery with therapy post CCL Surgery. We are thinking about water therapy via a treadmill underwater process. Not sure yet.

Longer walks are starting to happen again.

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