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Watch out! Post CCL surgery on a dog

The story continues...

Our dog Winnie's journey continues after her recent CCL surgery 12/22/23 on her right leg for a full tear in her knee. 

The surgery was a success with disposable stitches used to close the wound but

Watch out!

The next 2 months require low activity and therapy until she is fully recovered. This includes medications, slowly bringing in activities like small walks, but also monitoring her post surgery stitches for healing without infection.

My son is monitoring her healing closely and sent pictures of her wound to her vet after noticing the stiches broke. This required us to immediately take her back to the hospital and several staples to be added later.

All is well as this was identified right away, just an extra drive to the vet an hour away and some time.

The important thing is to continue to monitor your pet after surgery. It doesn't end after the surgery, including adding supplements to her diet for the rest of her life.

She is only a little over a year old. I recommend pet insurance again if you do not have it for your pet.

We didn't have it and this surgery is expensive!

Grateful we were able to take care of her and she is part of the family.

Our family is looking forward to the regular walks after she fully recovers in the next 2 months in addition to not having to carry a 65-pound dog up a flight of stairs multiple times a day.

Keep an eye on your pets. 



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