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Ortho Plush Pet Bed

Ortho Plush Pet Bed

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Ortho Plush Pet Bed

Plush Is a Textile Having a Cut Nap or Pile the Same as Fustian or Velvet. Its Softness of Feel Gave Rise to the Adjective "Plush" To Describe Something Soft or Luxurious, Which Was Extended to Describe Luxury Accommodation

Designed With Veterinarian Input for a Plush, Soft Outside but a Firm Interior for Ultimate Spinal Support

The Ortho Plush Pet Bed Is Designed to Be Machine Washable on the Gentle Cycle. Be Sure Not to Use Bleach or Harsh Detergents, Then Gentle Tumble Dry

The Base of the Pet Bed Is Designed with Gripper Dots to Help Avoid Slippage While Your Pet Is Getting Comfortable

The Interior Is Solely of A PP Cotton, which keeps the bed from Getting Overly Hot or Cold Regardless of the Floor Temperature provides Proper Orthopedic Support

During Shipping the Beds Are Folded and Box Packed. Once Unpacked, Shake and Fluff the Bedding. It Will Regain Shape Over A Few Hours


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