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Super Knott Dog Toy - Grey

Super Knott Dog Toy - Grey

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COME HERE BUDDY's newest toy collection "KNOTT" has its bigger version, the "SUPER KNOTT". A bigger size knot for a bigger sized dog.

Create different "Knotts" (knots) to introduce different toys to your pup. It's like a new knot, new toy policy. The more creative you get, the more enjoyable play!

Now with loud squeaks. SUPER KNOTT have super squeaks on both ends, making it super exciting to play with.

Plush Velvet Material

It is a soft fabric material that is safe for your pets to chew.

A gentle texture to protect and avoid damage on your pet's mouth, gums and teeth.

Seams were made durable and double stitched to endure heavy chewing and rough playing.

Knott Dimension

It will depend on your creativity but when unknotted:

55 inches long
6 inches in Diameter

Care Instruction

Washer and dryer safe. Advisable to wash and dry on gentle/medium setting. Vacuum surface after drying.

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